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Join us to listen to us on Radio Bla bla !

Le 19 /01/ 2016 21 h 30, Join us to listen to us on Radio bla-Bla ! I'll be there on Radio Bla bla! ... And on the phone: +33 668 661 832 contact us to us to ask us questions. This issue on the web radio with debates on the differences. Humor…
Charles Alliès vocational school in Pezenas

Equipment delivery to Pezenas

Le 05 / 02 / 2016, Equipment delivery ! For several days, I have not come to give news. Indeed, I put all my energy into obtaining additional votes. This morning, with my sponsor, we made an equipment delivery to the head of operations of…

News sur la chaîne TV CALAMALO II

[:fr] Le 29/12/2015 à 15 h 30, A voir absolument sur la Chaîne TV CALAMALO II La chaîne, présente la première vidéo de CALAMALO II : Voici son lien :Loïc Pochet Pourquoi un ULM hydravion ? Pour info : Celle-ci à pour vocation…
site internet site internet hydravion CALAMALO premiere version( website)hydravion CALAMALO premiere version

Opening of the CALAMALO II website.

The 12/29/2015 at 14 hours, opening of the CALAMALO II website. This is an important day for me. Today is the official opening of my website relative to the CALAMALO II project. This project, it's been a while that he is in gestation…