The « Médiathèque » groups all the media concerning the “Morgann ” by CALAMALO Aviation project, from TV interviews to press/radio articles not forgetting well its web TV.

The « Médiathèque » is here a page , which keeps and gives access to different types of media.

The concept was developed in the 1980s , when the Audiovisual Content ( sound recordings and video recordings ) were considered as cultural evidence under Sami Whether writing. The term « Médiathèque » has been chosen for better reflect the diversity of works and resources raised and presented to the public Including the form of video tapes in Betacam and VHS formats.

In the 1990s , the « Médiathèques » in Ontario hosted naturally the digital media ( CD audio , DVD video) which became natural supports item (print, microfilm, vinyl records , etc. ) . (Source wikipedia)