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Jean-Michel MATEO :”Hello,

Loïc Pochet has done something rather extraordinary. Even if I suspect that for him it was in his habits. It was a navigator.

I will tell you the case by the menu:

I made illustrations of Calamalo II. Loïc appreciated them and I continued to make images. One day he called me and said: <Can you do the Calamalo II with an open cockpit ?>.  At first I was surprised because I was moving from illustration to the design of a plane that was going to fly.

I remembered that Loïc knew my training. As a designer and had worked in a design studio before attempting the adventure in the theater and opera scenery which finally led me to 3D.

I was working on this new challenge without complex. Saying that it would be the worst recreational at best an excellent experience. I remember saying to Loic: Ok, I’ll do it with great pleasure knowing that the result will be redone by an expert.

So I had  the possibility to create what I want and I was more than happy:

I wanted to give a more personal form. Something and I don’t know why I remember a mixture of Catalina and …. big insect eyes!

I made the new Calamalo II very quickly. The concept being found and sent the images of the new floatplane. And I was moving on to something else.

I didn’t know that this work was going to settle down and a few times later Loïc, who obviously appreciated the new float plane, told me that he was unanimously appreciated.

And again I went on to something else: to make image

Indeed the Calamalo II project was gaining momentum, an international team of experienced and knowledgeable people was formed, in my reflection I will only be a speaker for illustrations.

The day before the first meeting Loïc contacted me and told me that my conception of Calamalo II was convincing and he wanted me to do the exterior design, I was very surprised and extremely proud: a childhood dream that I thought was lost forever was realized.

So I followed the instructions and directions of the team on the concept of the future seaplane trying to find a leg, something that makes people want to be interested and why not fly in this new seaplane: the Morgann .

And my conclusion is that I love what I do and hope to continue on this path.
Thanks to all the team and Loïc

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