Design of the bi-beam seaplane Morgann for CALAMALO Aviation

“Morgann” by CALAMALO Aviation.

CALAMALO Aviation can finally reveal the work’s evolution during  the last years concerning its CALAMALO II project.

Thanks to R & D’s budget and the work produced by his team we are able to presente you his prototype :

” Morgann ” by CALAMALO Aviation has been thinking to live and to survive,  to evolve in the hostile maritime environment.
The pilot of this project is specialized on the world of seaplane, former deep-sea navigator, to a very great experience of this environment.

The “Morgann” technology makes it the most economical hydroplane in its class. The all-composite, it allows maintenance costs significantly lower than those of its competitors and offers a much better residual value.

It is the FIRST amphibious hydroplane with retractable foil built by robotization thanks to a partnership CORIOLIS COMPOSITE.

His advantages :

Passage in a sea formed of 80 cm
Retractable foils
Increased lateral stability
Increased cruise speed

Increased effectiveness of the rear empennage
Increased diameter of the propeller
Stol appliance
Descent of the point of gravity
Decrease of the handsome master of the hull of the seaplane
Reduced drag

Ability to fold its wings at sea only
Facilitates the folding of the wings for the road gauge

Facilitates the spacing of the landing gear
This will allow to associate the kinetic chain of the landing gear and that of the foils
Optimizes the hull of the seaplane
Extra storage box

His options :

Canopy type interchangeable in minutes
Automatic pilot
Additional tanks
built-in lifting hook

vue de face bi-poutre morgann pour calamalo aviation

bi-beam front view Morgann for CALAMALO Aviation

differentes-vues-conception-du-bi-poutres-morgann-pour-calamalo aviation

Different schematic views of the design of the bi-beams Morgann for CALAMALO Aviation

Its cell, its controls, its non-ferrous alloy wings have an exceptional performance against corrosion.

“Imagine being able to ditch with your” Morgann “by CALAMALO Aviation, in a strong swell near an ocean shore, and surf the waves to” beach “on the beach.”

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