Final round results of the Aviva contest !

final ranking result table

Le 21 / 03 / 2016, the final ranking of the Aviva contest

Here are the final ranking of the Aviva contest. Following my request, I’ve just got it from the organizer. I include his comment (free translation !):
Your Calamalo II project is 5th in its class. Competition in funding amounts to 50 000 €uros was very important. Jurors found that particularly the social impact / environmental your project was lighter compared to other projects competing in the same category.
Therefore, you are not part of the Great winners, but as a finalist, you do earn 2000 €uros.
I take good note of your suggestion to set up an “oral exam” for the finalists. This would effectively allow jurors to ask questions, etc. I will discuss with other members of the team La Fabrique

Come and meet us !

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