henri fabre, le pionnier de l'hydravion

Henri Fabre, the Pioneer of Seaplane. 

Henri Fabre, the Pionnier Spirit.

” Very young, I thought to give wings would be the greatest discovery that man could do.
Then I felt : looking at where science was , I probably arrived at the time when this discovery was possible.
Finally, I came to convince me that I had perhaps some elements of success if I was dealing with this problem, and that, therefore , I had to do it.
And then it was a long and immense joy to delve into the human knowledge that could clarify the question , observe in nature that she could teach us to strive modestly at first, then with greater resources to realize my dream.
Others before me and found the complete solution ; but that has not diminished for me the attraction of this effort and the small share of success that I got was enough to fill me. ”
Tribute to Henri Fabre

Excerpt from his book “I saw the birth of aviation ” (« J’ai vu naître l’aviation »)

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