Bernard Rousset


Bernard Rousset

Based in Toulouse, Bernard Rousset is a technical and operational force to be reckoned on. His tenacity and masterful approach to aeronautical project management is  perfect. Thanks to him, the development of Calamalo II will remain on good way.

Indeed,since 2011, Mr Rousset has worked as the Technical and Operational Manager of the SonicStar project, the next supersonic bizjet.

Over the years, he has managed a range of Airbus projects, with particular focus. Wich is A380 Digital MockUp coordination towards rapid cabin assembly, and A350 XWB global technical development. Bernard set up Alliance Aeronautique in 2006, bringing together four of the main providers of structural parts to Airbus France.

To Fine, M. Rousset is an multidisciplinary engineer from Ecole Centrale Paris (91). He is also a graduate of the California Institute of Technology (“CalTech”). This one obtain his MSc in Aeronautics in 1992, and defending his thesis in Hypersonics in 1995.

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