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TV intervention for an inteview on 7:00pm

Passage at the TV at 7:00 pm TV intervention for the evolution of our project : This interview on the  TV, is turned for explain to people the buisness plan. Indeed, French TV called Mr Pochet in order to make presentation of his poject.  This passage is available on our Channel ( Youtube ). The video […]

New Headquarters, very good news

A news that has its importance… New Headquarters The New Headquarters  : A new milestone for SAS CALAMALO Aviation! Its head office flew to continue its adventure towards Lorient. New Headquarters : The production, the development, the showroom, the maintenance unit, the flying school and its hydrobase make a return to the source! Kenavo Sète ! […]

Passage télévision France 3 Occitanie

Passage télévision France 3 Occitanie Bonjour à vous tous, Venez regarder le condensé qui dure cinq minutes, l’original de l’émission dure  50 minutes. J’ai notamment supprimé les différents sujets qui ne correspondaient pas à notre projet. Le passage à eu lieu dans l’émission de télévision prénommé ” 9h50 le matin en Occitanie”. Cela s’est passé […]

Press Kit

Le 25 / 06 / 2016, BIG GOOD NEWS: Press kit available. The press kit of the Most Innovative Seaplane CALAMALO II is available on the website !! https://hydravion-calamalo.com/service/dossier-de-presse/ Be first to learnabout this bold project and its crowdfunding folder (Crowdfunding) Participate in sustainable development, local employment, share the innovation and boldness of its creator, do […]

Ulm Occasions » puts us on their front page!

Le 05 / 06 / 2016, Ulm Occasions » puts us on their front page ! François Verriele had the kindness via his blog “Ulm Occasions” to highlight the work done on our website. Thank you to him for putting a spotlight on our achievement. Regularly he is kind enough to relay information that I seek to […]

Illustration of the artist Jean-Michel Mateo

Le 04 / 06 / 2016, Illustration from J-M Matéo.. Enjoying from a long time the works of the artist Jean-Michel Matéo, I am very proud to announce that as part of the preparation of the awards for the future supporters of the project. He will draft a masterpiece that will make me dream …. know that […]

News in the PILOTER Magazine

Le 25 / 05 / 2016, PILOTER Magazine.. Hello everyone.   I just heard from a friend that the Piloter magazine. This one had the kindness to write an article in their category « news of the month » of May-June relative to the CALAMALO II project. A big thank you to the editorial staff of Jean-Pierre […]