loic pochet

Who is Loïc Pochet ?

Loïc Pochet, pilot instructors, browser, with the experience, all those thousands of flight hours on Calamalo 1 and the other allowed me to project the areas of development and improvement of a new ULM for a new technology.

A new generation of amphibious with contemporary performance: namely optimization ratio Weight / Power, speed, fuel consumption, CO2 emission, aerodynamics simultaneously at major landing capabilities.

This vision is articulated around two axes:

  1. a) The fundamentals of aviation pioneers and Aeropostale (Henri Fabre, Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Pierre Georges Latécoère, Mermoz, Guillaumet);
  2. b) The new technologies developed by the composite industry and Avionics.

Thus I was able to build a partnership operation with sharp consultants, each working in engineering, technology, design make the Calamalo 2 unique in its design and performance.

This collaborative human enterprise, is sponsored by the Antoine de St Exupéry, Marie Vincente Latécoère, Hubert Fabre, in the validation phase of the machine “in the footsteps of the pioneers.” This aerial crossings (South Atlantic, Andes) dedicated to their leg “historical, human, aeronautics”. But also, and even the means to bring to the world the hope of children in long illness, correspondence from school children, value and technological achievements of the actors of the project “Make Human traveling in the heart of the man ”

Born in 1963 in Jallieu ( 38)

Former French Navy (1979-1988)

Selected for the school of mechanics in Saint Mandrier

From 1981, I started my training with Didier Ragot

Second of Olivier de Kersauson

A student of Olivier de Kersauson and Didier Ragot

Crewmember Florence Arthaud, Philippe Jeantot , Michel Malinovsky , Pierre Felhman

Co-skipper with Patrick Morvan

A job: sea racing :

19 Atlantic crossings under sail with a crew ,

3 crossings solo

A Passion : The heavier than air

Loïc Pochet, a recognized talent : his tenacity , his professionalism

A record list:

7th Route du Rhum 1998

Record holder of the Transmanche

Winner of the EDHEC Race

Winner of 24 hours Ugivis

Silver Bowl winner , new speed record

Winner of the Transat des Alizés

Winner Trophy Jet Services

Winner of the Géraglia

Winner of the Tour of the British Isles

2nd in the Transat Lorient St-Pierre and Miquelon Lorient


After my “aquatic” adventures , I faced one of my childhood dreams : Flying in the footsteps of Mermoz, Huber Fabre, Saint-Exupery, Amelia Earhart .


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